EU Account Paragon 1400+, major 20 Paragon in the World

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    Utente Esperto L'avatar di Blattaderrt
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    Jun 2014

    I wan't to sell my account. It comes with the

    1.Diablo three Collector's Edition
    2.Starcraft 2 with center of the Swarm Digital Deluxe Edition.

    So the account has each the Angelic Wings and the Bone Wings and too the pre-purchase RoS Wings of Valor.

    around 2k hours played on it. main course barb

    I'd like to watch if there is any curiosity in this at all. If you have any questions please post here.

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    Nuovo utente L'avatar di dagingnyapa
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    Apr 2015
    cost for acc?

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    Membro L'avatar di Pedori
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    Sep 2014
    I don't actually know how much it is value it yet I can say that the Collectors Edition of Diablo three is alable 250€~ worth it. I'd fairly like to see some offers first to watch what people are willing to pay for it.

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