60 rogue, 60 warrior & 60 Priest @ Kronos - HORDE

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    Jun 2014
    Hey there.

    Im selling these 3 chars:

    60 Rogue (undead) - ~mid-end-gear, nearly raid bis. three00mining / three00 skining, 300Lp/300poisen

    60 Warrior (tauren) - full Pre-raid Bis, incl few T1 (Might) products + Ony Trinket etc. UBRS important etc. 300mining/three00bs. MC/BWL/Onyx Prequest done.

    60 Priest (Undead) - complete pre-raid Bis, incl a couple of T1 (Prophecy) + HoTW + Truefaith westment. 300herb / three00 enchanting.

    All received 60% mounts.

    Post here or PM me ur offers.


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    Apr 2015
    acquired gold from him, everything went smooth and the price was high-quality too

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