I am contemporary to owned core as I usually use playerauctions. However, the priest account I just bought isn't what was described. I was looking to continue raiding into 6.2, so I am reselling and looking to purchase an additional one.

Here are the features I am looking for:
71five Ring or 2tabs+
4/five T17
Established Garrison with geared followers (flexible on this)

I am willing to spend up to $2five0 for an account; obviously much less for an account with the minimal requirements previously mentioned up to $2five0 for an account that has extra perks (690+, really geared garrison followers, a quantity of level 100 alts, quantity of gold, an alliance character (as i'll have to pay to transfer to my alliance server), rare mounts/achvs (*I do not care about pets), age of account, etc.).

Please PM me or post your skype facts to discuss further and i will add you.

Thanks for your time!