employees Recruitment for my wotlk Fun server made by a repack

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    Hey guys! I produced a server with a repack, though, it is not public yet.. I'm looking for staffs for my future employees team and some1 that will assist me with making my server public so people can play on it with a realmlist.

    What i'm looking for:

    1. I'm currently recruiting workers members for my future workers team.
    2. I'm looking for a person that will join my future workers team and assist me make my server public so individuals can play on it with a realmlist.

    employees Recruitment for my Future workers Team:
    1. Co-Owner (0/1)
    2. Website Creator (0/1)(For my server, register page, login page, forum, etc. )
    3. GameMasters (0/2)
    4. Developer (0/1, must have several experience)
    5. Builders (0/3)
    6. Owner's Assistant (0/1) (should know how to make a trinity core server public)

    Though, Most of the NPCs are produced already

    If you're interested in one of the positions, Contact me on skype: aimmedcake
    do not post a reply for applying, Can post for questions.

    Sincerely, Aimmedcake

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    So thanks for posting

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