Hello lads

Wanna sell my stage 100 Blood Elf Rogue | WoW globe of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

This is the Rogue, perfectly ready for the next Content to be soon released. Onmajor of that I have a ILvL 696 Monk and a 659 ILvL Shaman, if you desire to raid in a guild where alts are required.

I have absolutely no concept around the price, just deal me a fantastic one and i will compare it to some account selling sites and adjust to that. I definetly wont go for a overprized amount, I simply wish to leave WoW behind and get some capital for the time i've spent on it.

The Account is still running for 20 a lot more days.

So just hit me up here or add shawned.senpai on skype if you wanna discuss there