WTS TWO alt accounts with rares/unobtainables (such as original ZA bear)

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    I typically wouldn't sell these accounts as I never notion there would be interested but i'll give it a shot

    ACCOUNT one - This account only has a degree 90 MAGE with MOP CM GEAR - The Gladiator achieves are NOT from this character so it will not have the mount, even so the achieves are there

    degree 90 Undead Mage | WoW globe of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    On this account there are the after noteready achievements:

    Cutting Edge: Garrosh (25m prepatch heroic garrosh)
    Gladiator: Season 13
    Hero of the Alliance/Horde Season one1/one3
    Burning Crusade Collector's Edition (including the pet)
    Cataclysm Collector's Edition
    MoP Collector's Edition
    SC2 HoTS Collector's Edition
    large Blizzard Bear
    Murloc priceume
    3 Company: 2700
    Arena Master
    Grand Marshal (rbg)

    Has WoD unlocked

    Account 2 - No characters on the account-

    This account doesn't actually have something except for the rare original Zul Amani Warbear (the bear is bnet account wide)

    doesn't have WoD unlocked

    I'm not looking for much for either account as obviously($75-100 roughly I guess?), I do not use those accounts and they serve no purpose unmuch less some1 is looking for the ZA bear or just particular achievements.
    i'll offer the option to add more new achievements such as mythic imperator/blackhand for the title/FoS purposes, or other older achieves I have on my primary account at an extra price (obviously simply because I have to xfer characters around)
    feel free to contact me for much more information on skype: bestclassworldjk

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