Basically just around any1 who's produced an edit on a blizzard ADT with Noggit 1.3 or 1.four has noticed the eventual crash that happens when you do edits to a blizzard map adt. So I spent half my day changing stuff around until I acquired around the crash and here's what I came up with.

The crash can happen for multiple reasons, this is a hacky fix concept for 1 of the crashes that I ran into, it might not career for other individuals with crashes caused by something else. also this isn't a recommended fix due to the fact I'm fairly sure it might lead to something bad in the long run XD.

I'm not giving any kind of script out due to the fact I have no notion how safe this is and last thing I want is a whole lot of people barking up my inbox filling it with, "You Broke My MAP!!!! WAHHH!!!!"