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    Looking to sell my WoW account i have had it simply because vanilla and recent events are forcing me out.

    Account contains 4 degree one00's Hunter, Shaguy, Warrior, and a Rogue, all of them are on US-Tichondrius Horde.

    There is a small over 1 million gold spread across them and the Hunter and Shaguy are mythic ready.

    Have gladiator tabards on 2 characters hunter and a stage 80 Dconsumeh kevening. Dconsumeh knight is on US-Cenarius Horde.

    Can as well sell my entire account that has diablo 3 with reaper of souls and beta feat of strength, starcraft 2 with middle of the swarm, and heroes of the storm with alpha and beta stage four0 portraits and ranked play ready.

    cost is negotiin a position looking for around $one500 for the entire account and $800 for the WoW account solo.

    PM on ownedcore then will setup speak time via skype or other VoiP.

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