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    about Us:
    We are four League of Legends enthusiasts who have been playing this game for years, and have turn into really great at it. created up of a mixture of Challengers, Diamond Leaguers, and Ex-(semi)Professional players, we have decided to use our skills to (attempt at least) pay off our student loans. So, if you would as a substitute work directly with your improveer as an alternative of more than a 3rd party, look no further.

    We will supply proof of the previously mentioned accomplishments on a personal basis before making a deal : )

    Our deals:
    All of the after are negotiready to an extent (believe discounts for bulk orders) and are only applicin a position in the North American or Latin America North regions.

    cost Per :
    Win - $3
    Division - $10
    B5 to S6 - $60

    price Per:
    Win - $4
    Division - $17
    Sfive to G5 - $110

    cost Per:
    Win - $five
    Division - $27
    G5 to P5 - $140

    price Per:
    Win - $8
    Division - $3five
    S5 to Gfive - $190

    prices for diamond are situational and will be negotiated upon contact

    We too deal LP based pricing packages which are based upon your present mmr. For a lot more intypeation about this particular deal sfinish me a message and we can hash out a deal

    Perks and Extras:
    When you choose Neve or his friends to increase you, you have a couple of perks that come with our service if you so select.

    The initial is a type of totally free coaching. In that we will supply exact times and dates we will pretype the increase which will enable you to spectate the games and find out how to carry your team even with the worst of feeders or ragers.

    VoD service:
    Upon request we will file the games played on your account and send you the replays. This will enable you to analyze the game in its entirety and learn from some of the best.

    For an extra charge we will supply real time coaching. This entails joining a skype conversation in excess of which we will describe our decisions and discuss the tactics we employ to carry the game.

    Champion Pool:
    If you request a particular pool of champions to be played in purchase to make the games appear more authentic, we will happily oblige.

    We are located in the United States.
    We will supply you reimbursement if your account is banned suddenly correct after increaseing.

    What we won't do:
    We will not utter a word to your frifinishs. Nor will we say anything in game that may possibly in anyway be interpreted as toxic or negative. We have the upmost desire to be a 100% successful boosting service free from any complaints.

    We will not use a VPN. it is our belief that the use of a tunneling service causes more harm than fantastic as it is more risky and slows our connections down.

    We won't spend any of your RP or IP nor make any changes to your rune pages with out your explicit permission.

    We won't enable you to log onto the account although a increase is in progress. We require a several hour wait period between log ins to encertain maximum safety. Trust us, it looks poor to log in from California and then twenty minutes later log in from Ottawa.

    Lastly: We won't question any request you have with your account. If you wish to terminate service all of a sudden correct after placing an order we will refund you as quick as we can. We understand that this is YOUR League account, and as such will adhere to any needment you have.

    Contact Info:
    [email protected]


    Or feel free to message us here.


    constantly we prefer to use paypal; nonetheless certain exceptions can be produced. particulars around this can be discussed before an purchase is placed.

    Once again, thank you for considering Neve and Friends for your increaseing needs. We look forward to careering for you in the future.

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