Hi All,

I wish to begin nowadays for powerdegreeing.
I wan to do this for fun, and for some money.

I am from the Netherlands
I might converse Dutch / Englis and Turkish
Skype : ozay.powerdegree
Payments only from Paypal.

I use ISBOXER (multibox), (this is to play with four chars)

You payme for each hour that i level you.
each hour price you 40 euro's.

You get, what you want.
You establish what do.
You get all the loot on 3 other chars.(if we use the same chars, quickest farm Barbarian, and Demon Hunter atm.
You may comply with me on Twitch, if i don't share the loot.

No require for account share, you pay first, join my game and lets rock.

ofc it is possible for account share, with the same situations as above.

If you have questions please ask your question at Skype : ozay.powerstage