I ordered a leveling from 56 to 60 - 2 days !

fairly fast and Ryan is constantly present for you if you have some questions.

I ll recommfinish this service for ereallyphysique who needs some powerleveling services on Vanilla servers.[/QUOTE]
purchased 59-100 1-three Days pocket, I was really shocked on how fast these guys d1 their job. I've alin a position buyd their service on vanilla and now I've tried retail they did efairlything smooth! Most legit powerlevelers around.
buyd 1-60 three-9 Days. those mans did really fast superb service, the Ryan himself is the grconsumeest man I've had offer with. Will buy again!
1-60 Ryan is a great seller and easy to get in contact with. Took much less time than I had orginally expected-- will use again
just sold an account to this man. fast payment and high-quality service. can recommend.. +1
we talked for a bit on skype and agreed to a cost right after some time. I also spoke with 1 of his staff and they were both very kind. the transmotion went safe for both parts.
Sold an Nosalrius Account to this man! Stand up guy. Would offer with again.