@@@@@@@@@@@@ person lvl 90 characters (CHEAP)! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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    Selling lots of lvl 90 characters for 35 euro each. To get the character you'll require to register a contemporary BATTLE.NET EU account with the same last name as mine and registered on the UK.

    Characters for sale:
    90 Human Paladin
    90 Dwarf Monk
    90 Huguy Rogue
    90 Tauren Warrior
    90 Orc Shaman
    90 Orc Mionk
    90 Human Priest
    90 Draenei Mage
    90 evening Elf Warrior
    90 Undead Death Knight

    these were all 90 boosted characters about the in-game shop. You can select your realm and get a fresh name for the character when the transfer takes place.

    Add me on skype: Destroidwow for much more information.

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