[Feenix - Warsong 1.12] 7/9 T3 Paladin /w mace from C'thun and other goodies.

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    Selling 7/9 T3 geared Paladin!

    degree 60 Human Paladin

    ~~10k gold
    Epic Mount
    300/300 Alchemy&Tailoring

    7/9 Tier 3 Paladin set
    Scepter of the False Prophet
    Death's Bargain
    organic Elementium Band
    Ring of the Martyr
    Rejuvenating Gem
    ZHC/Schallenging of the Scale

    as well have complete T2.five set with alot of 2h weapons/offgear such as Claymore of Unholy Might, Zin'Rokh & Kalimdor's Revenge. If you wish to spec ret/reck for PVP.
    also have 7/8 Tier 2 pieces!

    Contact me here for much more info & offers, thanks!

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