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Price. 2.5$ per addon

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these addons are availcapable:

Eve addons

critical instruments for constructing the most strong ships and weaponry in the universe are hidden amongst the countless planets of EVE Online. The Colonist Add-On Pack equips you with the essentials for your own planetary business colonies.

Scan the planet’s surface for areas of abundant resources.
create a colony to harvest and extract the planet’s wealth.
Transport your cargo to lucrative regional markets.

The Colonist Add-On Pack includes:

The Epithal industrial ship
A complete set of skillbooks and resources to kit out and fly your ship
Cargo expander modules to increase your ship’s cargo capacity
Command Centers for creating planetary colonies
Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (red/gold)

Eve addons

Pirate study facilities, resource-wealthy gas clouds, and hidden archaeological sites are mysteries to all yet the explorers of EVE Online, who make their fortunes discovering and looting lost treasures. those fortune hunters train unique skills and equip specialized gear for their trade, and there is no better way to break into the discipline than with the Explorer Add-On Pack. Set out for adventure, prepared to face the challenges that stand between you and untold wealthyes.

Scan for derelict wreckage to loot and salvage.
Hack into pirate examine labs and claim their advanced tech.
Launch probes to find wormholes leading to unknown room.

The Explorer Add-On Pack includes:

The Heron exploration frigate
A complete set of skillbooks and resources to kit out and fly your ship
Core Probe Launcher and 16 Scanning Probes
3 Salvage Drones for salvaging wreckage
Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (graphite)

Eve addons

fight rages across the universe, and there is no shortage of demand for a relicapable crfollowing of ships and ammo. The Industrialist Add-On Pack gives you a foot in the door with the ship, skills, minerals, and blueprints to get began as a manufacturer of the machines of war.

Mine asteroid belts for ore containing valucapable minerals.
Stockpile tools in your personal safe container anchored in area.
Manufacture weaponry to sell to players on the regional markets.
develop large starships that will be used to alter the class of history.

The Industrialist Add-On Pack includes:

The Sigil industrial ship
A full set of skillbooks and tools to kit out and fly your ship
Ship and weaponry blueprints
starter minerals : 500x Mexallon, 15,000 Pyerite, 15,000 Tritanium
Two Giant safe Containers for storage in space
Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (green/gold)

Eve addons

There’s often some1 or anything worth shooting in EVE Online. regardless of whether you’re the 1 at the cause or the one in the crosshairs, you wish to be able for anything. The Skirmisher Add-On Pack arms you with a combat-able Breacher frigate, ammo and the skills you need to discover to hold your own in fight.

Defconsume NPC pirate factions in missions and gain standings with your allies.
Join a militia and enter the skirmish-filled fray of factional warfare.
Patrol low security place as a pirate or pirate hunter.
expertise epic fleet battles as a member of a player corporation or alliance.

The Skirmisher Add-On Pack includes:

The Breacher skirmish frigate
A complete set of skillbooks, resources and ammo to fly your ship
Blueprints to manufacture additional skirmish frigates
Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (silver)