Gold / Reins Of The Spectral Tiger

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    Jun 2014
    Hi, im a private gold seller and im selling gold on Draenor - Horde and on Outland - Alliance Atm
    I do as well sell Spectral Of The Reins Tiger in Game , On Draenor - Horde only Atm

    Price:0.4five eu per 1000g

    Trade method: Guildbank or Auctionhouse. F2F

    Payment methods:

    Contacts: Skype : Rooyston
    Country : The Netherlands ( Holland )
    Pic+Status : Married

    How it works:

    following i receive payment, you will receive your gold within couple of minutes. I can go first,if you have superior reputation here.

    fairly feel totally free to ADD me!

    Just some extra info:

    I too sell TCG PETS (or others)for Real money.(Viscous Horror,Ethereal Soul Trader,Spectral Tiger Cub,Tuskarr Kite,Bananas,Dragon Kite,Hippogryph Hatchling)

    And TCG Mounts occasionally for gold or real money.

    Prices depfinishs on Pets/Mounts .

    ""Scammers ,i am doing this for a long time so do not wasted my time and remain away.""

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    Dec 2014
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