+ [PoE] Buying Path of Exile GEAR and ORBs [GERMAN&ENGLISH] +

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    im buying Orbs and Gear, you will find below a pricelist where you can watch my rate.

    im as well searching for a Supplier who can deliver me Orbs and Gear in large mass.

    Im buying and paying for

    each Exalted Orb = 1,01€
    both Chaos Orb = 0,032€
    each Blessed Orb = 0,035€
    each Divine Orb = 0,79€
    each Eternal Orb = 5,02€
    each Orb of Regret = 0,074€
    both Vaal Orb = 0,074€
    each Regal Orb = 0,07€
    each Orb of Scouring = 0,05€
    both Orb of possibility = 0,012€
    both Orb of Alchemy = 0,019€
    both Orb of Fusing = 0,034€
    each Gemcutter Prism = 0,145€
    each Mirror of Kalandra = 220€

    Im looking for Gear love Atziri's Acuity, Kaom's middle or Shavronne's Wrappings too.
    Im buying those and other High-finish Gear, if you have anything other just feel totally free to write me.
    We will discuss the prices for the Gear.

    You can contact me here above private message or Skype.

    My Skype is: gerolmal

    greatest wishes,

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