Hey, just joined this wonderful site.

As the title says i'm looking for a questing bot to take countless characters to lvl 100 (both alliance and horde), would really like the bot to be 100% automatic(or as close as possible), will be tracking it yet it would be actually nice to be able to have a movie (or something) going on my other track while this bot is on.

Stopped botting during MoP due to a 72hour scare suspension for botting (don't bear in mind the name yet it was a mining bot that i was using with Honorbuddy).
Before this i was using the Kicks profile(leveling profile) for a lot of characters which i really enjoyed.
(And yes i'm aware of the large banwave that recently hit the botting community yet i'm willing to risk it)

As i've been reading in some threads there is a couple of bots that deal leveling/questing but which is the much better bot of these (in your opinion)?

Thank you in advance.