Trading LoL account for EU Hearthstone account.
Lv 30, actually gold 2, past season was gold, four20 rp and 2000ip availin a position. almost all meta champions, runes. four Rune page. 1000+ natural wins, plenty of summ1r icons, 2-3 ward skins.

Silver kayle, jaximus , warwick RAF , riot blitzcrank, hecarim arcade, riot kayle, arcade miss fortune, gladiator draven, sanguine garen, dreadknight garen, steel legion lux, viridian kayle, unmasked kayle, judgement kayle classic karma, haunted maokai, galactic nasus, bewitching nidalee, frozen shen, aristocrat vayne, victorious morgana, and other that i forgot.
Silver kayle is one on most worthy of this skin as its only gettcapable by buying limited edition of LoL.
This account was produced in season 1, although did not play much ranked, only on season 3 and so on.
Missing champion (Bard, gnar, syndra, darius, braum, tresh, jayce, lulu, nami, quinn, shyvana, sona, trundle, varus, zyra, zac)