Selling my bellowed Wow account, Consists of 43 mounts, nothing TCG OR hyper rare.

70k Gold follows with it

ten stage 100's and plenty of 90 alts, with Proffesions spread across them.

MOP CM mode gear / archievements on the primary character: Boomkin druid.

Rogue + boomkin each has 680+ Ilvl 3/10 Mythic. 10/ten HC ( both IMP + BLACKHAND CURVE )

I'm willing to screen-share every single thing aswell as share pictures with you, I am the original owner of the account, i can even indicate passport. ( I have full acces)

I am unsure of the price worthy, altho it does have thousands of hours spent on it ( litteraly ) lol

deal me - pretty cheap

Reason im selling is that i acquired an oppotunity in league of legends, and im gonna be ten0% focused on it.

Please add my skype: Niclaswow