How do I install and use automated CRs

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    I've been looking in PE and the CRs for awhile. I can't appear to locate a guide that tells me how to use the CRs that people have been writing.

    I have PE installed, I have my oLUA install and running yet do not view how i use something fairly like a CR that is posted. Can some1 explain this to me in detail please?

    - Identify your likelyengine/probably
    2) Extract the zip to your "%WOWdir%\Interface\Addons" folder.
    3) Rename the "probably.git" folder to just "probably"

    Net result must be a folder structure like this: %WOWdir%\Interface\Addons\probably

    4) Download your chosen custom combat rotation and place it in your %WOWdir%\Interface\Addons folder,
    again if its downloaded from gitllab or github encertain you retransfer any tags fairly like .git or -master from the folder name.

    You must now have a moment addon folder structure adore this: (example only) %WOWdir%\Interface\Addons\probably_TeamPhoenix

    5) start wow and get to character screen
    6) begin your unlocker
    7) Log in to game.
    You should now have an extra motion bar which is probably. correct click the really LEFT motionbutton to display a list of installed profiles.
    9) pick your custom profile.

    Notes: If you cant see your custom profile as an option and only the built in prodocument is choose ready that probably means you have not names the custom addon correctly or placed it in the right spot. or you're not in the correct spec or logged on to the right character for that custom prodocument.

    Scream if you get stuck.

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