18190 ach stage account, rare mounts, 697 priest, MURKY

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    I am selling my stage 100 Blood Elf Priest | WoW globe of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory This is my primary currently (697 disc/holy priest)
    - All challenge modes gold (each MOP and WOD)
    - Mist-walker title (server major time for challenge modes in MOP)
    - entire bank full of transmog sets
    - Realm quite best time for each Shadowmoon Burial grounds AND Upper Blackrock Spire
    - level 100 reto/ele shaguy and resto druid (druid has many many distinct tmog sets) *druid as well has mistwalker title*
    - eight stage 90+ characters and plenty other characters above eight0
    - level 70 mage alliance mage with kevening lieutenant title

    - Ashes of Alar
    - Ara lot mored Skyscreamer (ToT achievements)
    - Armuch mored Razashi Raptor (ZG rare mount)
    - ALL Mop challenge mode phoenixes
    - both the ICC ten and 2five mounts
    - Corrupted firehawk ( firelands achievements)
    - Pureblood firehawk ( Firelands end boss mount) *guyY much more those ARE JUST THE STAND OUTS*
    - Flametalon of alysrazor (rare mount Firelands)
    - Experiment B-12 (rare mount dragonsoul)
    - Onyxia drake
    - Korkron Juggernaut (Garrosh hellscream mythic drop)
    - Rivfinishares Death charger
    - Spawn of galakras (siege of orgrimar achievements)
    - Ultramarine Qiraji fight Tank (bug mount from archaeology)
    - Sea Turtle from fishing
    - Twilight Harbinger ( Dragon Soul achievements)

    Achievements *stand outs*
    -Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall Mythic Imperator kill (server 1st)
    -Herald of the Titans Algalon ten kill at degree eight0
    -Proving Yourself: finishless Damage (Wave 30) (level 90) demonstrated Assailant title
    -The Undying (Nax 10 with no deaths)
    - A Tribute to Insanity (ten player) Trial of the crusade with 50 attempts left
    - Scout, first sergeant, grunt and kevening lieutenant
    - forward of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible
    - 4-ten anniversary achs
    - MURKY achievement
    - Collector's Edition: Frost Wyrm Wassist ($400)
    - The Fifth Element
    - forward of the Curve: Lei Shen
    - Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (2five player)
    - Mistwalker best server challenge mode in MOP

    Any serious inquiries add me on skype (Stinkypigcop) the name is Jacob Geoffrey, solution to this post or email me at [email protected] I am the original and only owner of this account ever. Paypal only, price is negotiready to an extent. i will share an armory link to whoever needs one.

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    cost fairly negotiable. BUMP

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