Time to sell the account now when you place the game completely and let someone else take over to keep the characters at the prime level.

Have Mainat stomach since TB and played a lot more or much less constant simply because.
too a priest made solely for the Challenge modes throughout Pandaria as VA for boosting.

Has Gold Challenge at both the stomach and pries10 which pries10 has previously mentioned one00+ Gold runs.

There are X quantity 100000 gold on the account.

Maxed professions on each guys.

In the account of which worth mentioning; there are 23one mounts.
Of which, mentioning:
Ashes of Al'ar
Spectral Tiger
Magic Rooster
Kor'kron Juggernaut
exis10ce Binder's Maiden
Pureblood Firehawk
Onyxian Drake
Riding Turtle
Vicious War Wolf

There are around 100 titles too on account of which worth mentioning;
Herald of the Titans
Champion of Ulduar
Conqueror of Ulduar
The Immortal
The Insane
Argent Deffinisher
The Undying
Hero of the Alliance / Horde
and many a lot more

Is the original owner of the account and have all the details you can believe of having it.
There are a quantity of other games as well in the account.
Starcraft 2, and expansion (collectors)
Diablo three and the Reaper of Souls (collectors)
Diablo 2
Heroes of the Storm

Contact me and we can discuss a price