Hello equitebody !

I am looking for OLD WoW-Accounts that require the after things:

1. They must be last logged in around the begin of WOTLK and NOT connected to a battle Net Account - in other words, unmerged !

2. one or much more of the following merchandise should be on this Account:

- The Mount "Swift Zulian Tiger" from the OLD Zul Gurub
- The Mount "Swift Razzashi Raptor" from the old Zul Gurub
- A Character with the Title "Scrablord" and the Mount "Black Qiraji battle Tank"
- A Character with the Weapon "Corrupted Ashbringer"

The rest, Character Level, Gear, other Mounts, Server, class or Frmotion doesn't MATTER, as long as 1 or more
of the listed things are on the account !

So PLEASE if you have an old account with this, let me know ! i will pay couple of HUNDRED EUROS for even one of these products on an unmerged account !

finest wishes to all of you