I want to sell my Tera fobeneath account.NA - MT server.
LvL 65 classes :
main :
Priest (etching master) : 199 ilvl,complete awakened renegate set(+13 to +1five).full lvl3 perma. etchings on weapon+armor.
Alts :
Slayer (weapon master) : 193 ilvl, +12 keen discoreally weapon,+9 ms ambit set.got lvlthree perma. etching only on weapon.
Reaper (armor master) : Ambit set.
Berzeker (alchemy master) : Not geared.
Lancer : Not geared.

numerous things on item claim like 30 days atlas,journals,accessories,mounts.

eight account mounts and a number of char.mounts on Priest and on Slayer.

120k Gold and 584 emp.
countless consumables in bank.
a lot of costumes,weapon skins and accessories.

Contact me on skype,if you're interested in buying the account.I can as well supply much more screenshots of the chars. there.
Skype name : mayamu1231

WTS Tera Founder account - NA-MT (with 65 lvl chars.,gold,mounts,etc)