* good Tengu pilot
* Have decent missile, gunnery and armor skills
* very fantastic shield, targeting and fitting skills
* Caldari and Amarr frigate and destroyer trained to 5
* Caldari cruiser trained to 5
* Caldari subsystems trained to four and 5

SP amount: 26000000+
present mapping: Intelligence/Memory
Remaps: 1
Implants: +4 set
Skill focus: PVE/PVP
Highest standings: Neutral
Security status: 0.87
ISK in wallet: 10 000 000
Assets: None
Account active: till 18th july 2015

* Pilot can be transferred to your account for extra 15$
* Buying this account will give you free EVE addon of your choice(contact me by way of pm following buying), right after buy you will receive code which you can activate here: https://secure.eveonline.com/Activation/
Here is details about all availcapable addons: EVE Online on Steam
* If you have any question before or correct after the trade pm me and i will reply to you ASAP


My skype is hunniknumbreid


26m sp tengu pilot + totally free gift