Introduction: This tool allows you to use pre-programmed scripts for League of Legends with effortless accessible and configurcapable options including Space-Bar-To-Win harass combos and much more

Loader installation and usage:

1) Download the Loader by one of the mirrors below:"
Download Mirror 1:
2) begin the Loader whilst making certain you're on the League of Legfinishs tab.
3) Press the large "Download and Install" button in the Loader.
4) Specify beneath on which patch you want to play.
5) start League of Legfinishs and play.

Once you are in Game; GoS for LOL usage and features:

1) Press [F7] on your keyboard to open up the menu.

2) Navigate with your mouse cursor above the tabs to activate/deactivate features.

3) Some of the features quickly explained:

-SBTW combos (and much more): GamingOnSteroids for LOL - SBTW scripts, spelldodge and more.