Hey guys,

So nowadays I got banned due to the fact I have botted on one of my WoW licenses with ReBot (shitty bot, never gonna use it again, so a quantity of bugs and so on). I'm not mad at all about it due to the fact it was a license I recently received and RAFed to 85.

Now I tried to appeal and told them that it was a small bit to harsh to permaban this fresh WoW license, asking them if they couldn't reduce it to a 72h ban.

What they told me is that they will not reduce it due to the fact I have botted on three other WoW licenses inside the same Battle.net account and also received these 3 permabanned.

I did not know if you guys alin a position kfresh new around this I just wanted to share my knowledge with you. So if you determine to bot you may possibly better build a contemporary Battle.net account!