Mage 685 ilvl, DK 686 ilvl, Paladin 670 ilvl, five0-100k gold,14k ach

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    Selling nice
    - lvl 100 DK on Sylvanas EU alliance, 686 ilvl pve dps set and about 3fivek gold on char
    - lvl 100 Paladin on Sylvanas EU alliance, 670 ilvl pve tanking set + additional holy set and about 2k gold
    - lvl 90 Warrior on Aggramar EU horde (with 15k gold), lvl 90 hunter on Twisting N. EU horde and a lot of alts from lvl 80 to 90 on different realms.

    Account have around 13.000 ach points, game time for about a month much more, all together about 85k gold, 100+ mounts with several rares ceasee like Onixia, Fire hawk from Ragnaros, Ashes of Al'akir, Proto Drakes, Rocket, etc about 2five FoS and there are some cool titles really like Grand Marshal etc All you wish to know u can ask me!!!

    The reason for selling is mainly because i wanna quit playing WoW. Game isnt fun to play anya lot more to me i guess i was playing for a long time so its time to stop.

    I am the 1 and only owner of account and i never was banned so account is 100% legit. I have all the data of account and i'll provide scanned ID

    price IS 200 Euro (paypal, skrill,.).

    Contact: pm here or add me on skype -> niktommy84

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