WTS Wow Services (power Leveling, Honor Farming) 1-100, 1-90, 1-60 4K honor - $5 PP

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    power degreeing details

    1-ten0: Horde/Alliance stage 1-100 For $50 USD PayPal Only! ( 7-1four Days Guaranteed!)

    1-90: Horde/Alliance level 1-90 For $25 USD Paypal Only! ( five-7 Days Guaranteed!)

    1-60: Horde/Alliance degree 1-60 For $10 USD Paypal Only (2-5 Days Guaranteed!)

    Honor Farming info:

    stage 100 Characters Only: 4k Honor every 1-2 Hr. Guaranteed For Just $five USD For every 4,000 Honor Farmed (Paypal Only)

    Add me on Skype If Interested In Any globe Of Warcraft Services of mine or Email Me!

    Skype Username: easywowservices

    Email: [email protected]

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