Astoria Lag Optimizer will reduce your online gaming latency significantly. This is a easy program which will modify TCPAckFrequency and countless others features adore netsh.

Your capable to reduce latency for all onlines games love globe of Warcraft, Diablo, Aion, Guild Wars

it is easy to use, just click on ALO.exe and click on Reduce Latency. Rebegin & Enjoy

Important: You require to rebegin your computer for applied the alters.

What this course do:

- Add TCPNoDelay & TcpAckFrequency on interface
- Add TCPNoDelay on MSMQ
- change on NetworkThrottlingIndex & SystemResponsiveness
- Tweak the SystemProfile\Tasks\Games on countless Key
- And so a lot of tweak on netsh.

NO MTU alter !


For any support : [email protected]

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