betrigger the "Official Launch" of the game is actually soon, i determined to sell one of my Hero of the Storm Accounts, i used to play because early Beta.

" Account has only Heroes of the Storm as game attached to it and nothing else. Used it with invite mainly because Closed Beta."
"Click here"

All the detailed In-Game & Account info is beneath and i will also include some screenshots.

Account details :

In-Game details :
- Account Region : EU
- Account degree : 40 ( All ~ three00 Games Played Manually / Never used Bot )
- Heroes Obtained : 13 ( in a position to join "Ranked" Hero League )
- Detailed List of Heroes : Click Here
- Rank on Hero League : 50 ( Haven't played / also Ranks will be reseted at game Launch )
- Gold on Account : ~10250 (Click here / could be much more trigger i will play much more games)

BattleNet Account particulars :
- Account isn't my Main, was only registered to be played in Beta.
- E-mail was also designed for this Account and i can give it permanently to you. ( Nothing else is registered with this E-mail Account)
- Account's Name BattleTag can be changed once. ( And i would as well prefer to be changed. )

cost is quite neacquiredicapable cause there are no present prices on the markets for HotS Accounts yet. i will take into account all the offers and go with the highest bidder.
Payment Method : PayPal

* too have much more 40 stage Accounts for "SALE" with much more / much less Heroes. So if this is sold i will put another one on the marke.
* If i foracquired to add something, i will edit my post as soon as possible.
* feel free to add me on Skype and ask me any info contemplateing the account. Skype : Nasayer.gfx

Thanks in advance!
Waiting for your offers.