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    EVE ISK For Sell
    oneb = one2$
    one Plex = 10.5$

    We do not deliquite ISK to characters younger 60 days

    We have an experienced Farmer team which has determined to enter in trade willows lawsuit, so the primary thing for us now is the reputation
    fast delifairly from 10 minutes to one hour 24/7
    All ISK taken honest and legal way (with out trade and cheating)
    The cheapest prices. We sell our isk so there is no middleman markups
    We will be glad to cooperate. Loyalty discounts

    Delifairly Methods
    within corporation deliquite>>> "one00% safe and legal
    You can join to our corporation any character main or alts and stay in it as long as you need it.
    2. items Exchange - expect at a jiva 4-4
    3. Contracts
    4. The direct transfer >>>up to 5kkk isk per day

    Before payment please contact me to clarify all the particulars and ensure speedy delireally claim.

    Make sure that you type right nickname of the character who will receive isk
    if you wrong in nickname money again will be impossible

    Post contemporary reviews and view old to be convinced of our honesty

    we accept moneybookers/skrill

    Contack us here or
    Skype : ineksus

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    9b avalible and 6 Plex

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