I have 350.000 gold in my bank that i want to get rid of. The server is as said Tarren Mill - Horde. /Dentarg
The quantity of gold I have left, will be updated on this post.

The price is : 0.30$/k (won't go lower, so dont ask)

The payment technique is [paypal]

@What happens when u have contacted me on skype??
initial we discover out how much you as the buyer, are going to buyI check to watch of the purechase is possible
[If No] Have a high-quality day.[If yes] We meet in Org by guild bank.When we both are in a position u send the agreed amount by paypal / skrill, and when I can watch they are transferred, I trade in-game with you.
(fast and smooth delivery )
@What if you dont believe I have the gold??
If u dont trust me and dont think i acquired the gold, u can ask me on skype to watch a "screenshot" or share my screen. Then i'll display u.
I know it's challenging to trust a fresh new person, but you just have to believe i'm a sweet man

Have only 1 rule and it says that, when we meet ingame by guildbank there is no typing in ingame chat. If u whipser to me ingame the trade is previously mentioned !!

We use skype only !!

If your interrested add me on skype: Holgersson5
If you can't find me on skype go for the picture ", you mad bro (a man with a hat "
And i'm from Denmark

Looking forward to talk to u