For use these plugins you need Archebuddy bot

Radar Pro

[ArcheBuddy] Radar Pro & Land Grabber(+scanner)

Radar plugin shall much better assist you in pvp fights and finding things that are not easily observed whilst roaming.


indicates hidden objectsfast target selectionA list of player names with their current class and levelsCustom lists of your frifinishs and enemies regardmuch less of fmotion (Yes, Red or Green faction)The ability to quickly indicate groups.You can easily turn it on or offAllows you to group objects by types:NPCs,Mobs,trees,cattlle, etc..The ability to adjust the transparency, duration window and the size of the listYou can easily filter doodad'd objects Conveniently(Note Doodad means: pure objects, rocks, barrels, trees, and other objects that grow and die, yet do not move)Oversee of all data around target(equipment,stats,HP,MP)designation of players with TradePackSupport 2 languages(RU/EN)

Land grabber(+scanner)

[ArcheBuddy] Radar Pro & Land Grabber(+scanner)

This plugin helps you in grabbing land.


Scans the area about the character for upcoming demolitions.Custom list with constructing name, demolition time, coordinates and owner name.Highlight selected demolition on ingame map for easier navigation.Support angle when placing. effortless orientation.Anti AFK method (own development).Automatically use skills stealth (if learned).2 methods works available.Drop down list with availready design plans for automatic placement.Export and import of constructing lists.Export to Excel.


Skype: iGona777

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