I want to sell my Tera fobelow account.NA - MT server.
LvL 65 classes :
primary :
Priest (etching master) : 199 ilvl,full awakened renegate set(+13 to +1five).full lvlthree perma. etchings on weapon+armor.
Alts :
Slayer (weapon master) : 19three ilvl, +12 keen discovery weapon,+9 ms ambit set.bought lvl3 perma. etching only on weapon.
Reaper (armor master) : Ambit set.
Berzeker (alchemy master) : Not geared.
Lancer : Not geared.

several things on item claim appreciate three0 days atlas,journals,accessories,mounts.

eight account mounts and a lot of char.mounts on Priest and on Slayer.

120k Gold and five8four emp.
a number of consumables in bank.
numerous costumes,weapon skins and accessories.

Contact me on skype,if you're interested in buying the account.I can also supply much more screenshots of the chars. there.
Skype name : mayamu12three1

WTS Tera Fobelow account - NA-MT (with 6five lvl chars.,gold,mounts,etc)