Hello MPGH Community. Isosplz here with a second way to fix that pesky XignCode Error 0xE019100B that keeps kicking so many people out of their clients. First off, I want to provide a link that mostafa123ava shared previously in the event that the solution that I provided does not work.

mostafa123ava's link: [Solved] How to fix you Xingcode & CCMAN HACK ISN'T DETECTED - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats

Now on to the far less tedious solution that I found, without the need to uninstall the game, edit the registry, or re-download anything. Just follow the steps below.

1. Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking.
2. Launch Echo of Souls.
3. If XignCode does not error-kick you, continue with the next steps. Otherwise you will need to find out which application on your computer is causing the conflict to occur in SAFE MODE.

STEPS Continued
4. Open up the TASK MANAGER.
5. Take a screenshot of the running programs in SAFE MODE and save it to your computer.

Win 8 users need to take a screenshot of the applications that are currently running in the "Details" TAB.
6. Restart your PC in the Normal Windows Mode (
DO NOT start in SAFE MODE).
7. Open up the screenshot that you saved in Step 5.
8. Open up the TASK MANAGER.
9. Close out all of the applications that are not on the list in the screenshot that you took in Step 5.

Some of the applications will need to remain open. For example: Wireless Networking Software, etc
10. Launch Echo of Souls.
11. If you are not kicked CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy the Game
Note: If you are kicked repeat Step 9 - 10 until you have achieved uninterrupted access to the game. You may need to leave the TASK MANAGER open in order to terminate any applications that initialize at the launch of the game.

~Hope this Helps

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