[MU] MuClassic | Season 6 episode 3 edition |Exp: x1
Hello, i want to tell you about new MuOnline project, MuClassic.EU

- Server Name: MuClassic
- Server Version: S6e3Edition to 97d
- Server Location: Lithuania
- Server UpTime: 24/7

# Server Exp: 1x
# Server Drop: 5%
# Jewel of Bless Bug: OFF
# Resets: OFF
# WebSite: muclassic.eu

# Points Leve Up: BK-5-ELF-5-SM-5-MG-7
# Box in Shop: No
# Trade commands: Allowed
# Golden Invasions: OFF

Succes Rate:

# Jewel of Bless: 70%
# Jewel of Soul: 60%
# Jewel of Life: 20%

- Make item +10: 70%
- Make item +11: 60%
- Make item +12: 50%
- Make item +13: 40%
- Make item +14: 20%
- Make item +15: 10%

Additional information:
Version, here will be new MuOnline version, we will start from all Mu start. Like 97d and etc. but will be with some additions from latter server. Otherwise we will use Season 6 interface, everything will be built on it.

Forget about donation, here wouldn’t be donate items or something like that what can change gameplay, most important things for us is to keep balanced game. We are focusing to party battles balance.

At the start version in game won’t be excellent items, will be two all known events Blood Castle and Devil Square, about Move (M key), all moves (teleports) will cost much and you will can teleport just in main towns areas (You can’t teleport to all like that losttower3, losttower7, dungeaon3) to all other you will must go by foot.
Will be added to shops return to town scrolls it will be a lot of cheaper then to get teleport to town.

All players will be allowed to create the guild, creation is from 200 Level.

We allow to use MuHelper from 200 level, but don’t forget to count, it will be not cheap.

At the start you will be allowed to create 3 characters (Dark Wizard, Dark Knight and Elf) , one more you will be allowed then you have character in your account at least 220 level (Magic Gladiator).

More about PK players, PK will be allowed but you must know that in this server then PK dead’s he drops items.

Post command will be allowed to but will cost 50k zen.

Some screenshots:
[MU] MuClassic | Season 6 episode 3 edition |Exp: x1

Lorencia bar shop.
[MU] MuClassic | Season 6 episode 3 edition |Exp: x1
Wizards shop "Pasi the Mage"
[MU] MuClassic | Season 6 episode 3 edition |Exp: x1

Open beta test will start tomorrow (2015-11-13 20:00 GMT+2).

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