Ok guys, happened some mistake on my end, and I bought 200 BRL of Microsoft points, to pay upfront 1 year gold. + EA Access turns out i cant buy any of those with Microsoft points, leaving me stuck here with lots of M$ points

So, I want to buy a new game with it. I want a game for story mode (mostly), I want a game that the story/gameplay/graphics would hook me up. I don't enjoy much of futuristic games though

I want a game foccused on offline mode. I don't play online, and even if I want to, I can't since I don't have gold anymore.

I like shooting games but not necessarily first person shooter, I like war stories like old CoD's, GTA (mostly all of them), Hitman.

I've made a poll with some of my ideas (which i can afford). If you have another game's idea, just tell me!

P.S: never played any halo game, nor gears of war, nor MGS. i wish to play a new game, etc and if I can afford with my credits, and i like it, I'll purchase it

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Can't edit poll. Also adding Diablo III Reaper of Souls

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