[AD] Mu-Asia Ex702|x500 |No-Rebirth | Nov 12, 2015 (5PM ph Time)

Free to Play
? New & Fresh Server
? 24/7 Dedicated Server
? MuGuard System
? MuEngine Premium Files
? In-Game Shops

Server Information

Experience x500
ML Experience x100
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 350
Drop Rate 30%
Zen Drop Rate 30% of EXP
Cash Shop (MUPoints and Credits)
Castle Siege (every Saturday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM) (PH Time)
x200 Exp Boost Every 6hours
MU Helper (Bot) On, (5,000 Zen / 5 mins.)

[Jewels Rates]
Jewel of Bless 100%
Jewel of Soul 50%
Jewel of Soul (item +Luck) +25%
Jewel of Life 50%
Max Jewel of Life Option +16 / +4% recovery

[Ancient Drop Rates]
Ancient Item Drop Rate 8/10000
Jewel of Guardian Drop Rate 5/10000
Jewel of Harmony on Ancient Items N/A
[Excellent Option System/Drop Rate]
Max Excellent Option 3
Max Excellent Option (380 Items) 2
Excellent Item Drop Rate 50/10000
Excellent Item With Skill 100%
Excellent Item With Luck 40%

[Socket System/Rates]
Max Socket Slots 3
Max Seed Sphere Level 3
Socket Slot Count Rate 1 100%
Socket Slot Count Rate 2 50%
Socket Slot Count Rate 3 25%
Socket Slot Count Rate 4 5%
Socket Slot Count Rate 5 1%

[Automated In-game Events]
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Loren Deep
Crywolf (Balgass)
Kanturu (Nightmare)
LaCleon (Selupan)
Imperial Guardian
Illusion Temple
EXP Boost
Monster Spawn
Jewel Gambling
Dungeon Race
PVP Last Stand
Scramble Words
Bring Me (Christmas Special)
Caminion (Hunt and Kill)
Gens War
Arca War

Server Screen Shot
[AD] Mu-Asia Ex702|x500 |No-Rebirth | Nov 12, 2015 (5PM ph Time)

More info will be post/update
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