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This was on the clash forums. Worth reading.

Lets admit it, we all are addicted to sense gratification. Whether its staring at an opp gender, having cheese & sweets, to achievements. Anything that gives us pleasure.. We are its slave.
While testing [email protected], they scientists gave the lab rats small doses initially. They kept a tiny switch near it, and everytime the rat pressed it, it was given a tiny doze. Its got hooked without a doubt. It kept pressing and kept recieving its doze. Soon it was stopped giving the coke.
As observed out of frustration it kept pressing the switch, it ignored food and chance to copulate with opp gender but kept pressing the switch for another doze and ultimately died. Such is addiction

The dopamine pathways in our brains squeezes a pleasure harmone everytime its either anticipating or recieving pleasure.
For ex. If you buy a cake and are about to consume it, it releases X amout of dopamine but when you kiss an opp gender it releases lets say X into 100 amount of dopamine

Similarly supercell with their upgrade pattern has hijacked out pleasure stimuli.
At lower ths we recieve almost instant gratification and are hooked to it, soon just like the lab rat, we keep pressing the switch in hope for a pleasure doze which is now given at longer intervals. Now either the lab rat can 'gem' the intervals or starve and work desperately towards the anticipated pleasure.

Such is the addiction we all are in, you cannot deny the truth.
At th10 attempting to max heroes is an enforced torture. Just like the lab rat we are given a pleasure doze after dishearteningly long times and we remember our initial high and keep pushing no matter what
A deep trap

What happens then? You max th10 ha.. Then what sir? Maybe a month or so youll be proud of it, then you realise what a misery it is, what a hollow achievement it is. Trust me a solid gym work out can feel much better than a maxed archer queen.

Im in the same boat

I'd also like to add the following, when we talk about hardcore farmers (I am semi hc,i wont deny). The lab rat associates perfectly. To recieve our doze of levelling heroes, walls ect we farm so hard.. We want those upgrades (the pleasure boost). Just like fhe lab rat who keeps pressing the switch completely frustrated ignoring food and copulation for another doze thats exactly how hardcore farmers are or most of the billionaire clubs. The mind pushes them beyond limits to achieve that doze and level of satisfaction

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