Hello All,

I have a ADV REMOVAL in DB WORK, but with a Query in LOGITEM


if(@ItemRefID= '47082' and @operation = '41') --

DELETE FROM SRO_VT_SHARD.dbo._BindingOptionWithItem where nItemDBID IN (SELECT ItemID FROM SRO_VT_SHARD.dbo._Inventory WHERE Slot = 13 AND [email protected]) and bOptType between 1 and 4

the Problem is Scroll Instant Used after Right Click in Scroll and teleport CHAR and only work if Item is in First Chars SLot, and Alot of Players Noob Lost Item Due Don't put ur Item correct in 1st slot .. BUMP ..

So have how to we put for use same like Pet Ress or Devil Extende to click direct in item to remove ADV, our how to Put for Apear a Confirm Windows When Player Right Click in Scroll?

Any Idea?

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