Hello Dear .

Someone have a idea how make a procedure to write in one tablet LOGS for a PVP ?

So i have one idea about using _Logeventchar.

IN case After Char Die in PVP we have a EVENTID = 20 .

[Help] How Create a Procedure to PVP_LOG

Then to write in _LogPvP

[Help] How Create a Procedure to PVP_LOG

Like as 'EXEMPLE' :


Declare @eventid int = ( select EventID from _LogEventChar where EventID = @eventID )

If @eventid = '20'
INSERT INTO _LogPvP (CharWinner , CharLost , Data) VALUES (@CharID , @K_CharID,'1')

In Case 'CharWinner' we need extract form _Logeventchar 'StrDesc' and 'CharLost' from 'CharID'
Any Help :

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