Hi there and thanks for checking out the post, We at NightStalkerGaming are proud to present to you our all new modded arma 3 Life server, We have been fully operational now for 2 days and we are in need of players think you might be interested ? then why not come over onto our website
NSG - Intro or Join us on Teamspeak NSGTS3.com all you need to play is a copy of arma 3 and the link to our repository to download the needed files, Are staff are online to help at any point if you feel you need it, Most of all we are a long estableshed community looking for new members to Join us, We will be looking into taking on more staff as time and server progress
Please note we are in Alpha build 0.0.3 there are some bugs but nothing that takes away from your gameplay experience our team of staff are working hard on fixing issues as they arrive,

Again thanks for reading the post and look forward to meeting anyone that wants to know more or join us in game. Project Lead Jaffer.

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