So I noticed today while fiddling with the FFB settings in Logitech Profiler (5.10) that none of them were having the slightest effect on the game whatsoever. I could tick or untick any boxes, move any sliders - nada. I could even set everything to zero, and once the game fired up properly my G27 wheel immediately firmed up. Disable LP altogether - the wheel runs identically.

Things I have unsuccessfully tried to get pCARS to honour LP settings:

  • Create a new pCARS profile in LP
  • Reset and recalibrate the wheel in game
  • Delete the pCARS profile altogether and start a new one with fresh wheel settings
  • Delete and reinstall LP
  • Clear out the calibration with ClrCalib64

I've read plenty of posts about pCARS taking over the centering spring but unless I'm mistaken it is over-riding LP altogether. Am I missing something here?

Any info appreciated.

EDIT: Oops forgot to mention that all my other games (Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Richard Burns Rally etc) respect LP settings. I can alt-tab to LP, change a setting, alt-tab back to the game and the settings are immediately effective.

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