You really do love it or hate it on this game. When you're in a decent lobby it's easily the best racing game on console, unrivalled, and if it had the consistency of the lesser games *cough* Forza, then I'd struggle to turn the xbox off, but it doesn't

I don't want to moan too much, and some of this stuff will have already been said, but I'll say it anyway.

Joining online lobbies, it should be simple, but I always seem to have to spend 20 minutes constantly trying to find a lobby. Eventually, I will, and the settings look good and there's loads of people, great!! I'll join the qualifying then Oh. It won't let me drive. No worries, I'll just join another lobby. And of course this keeps happening. What the hell? I know that this bug was reported basically immediately after release, so why does it still happen? There's nothing more frustrating than having to wait 10 minutes to race because the game's broke and won't let you drive.

Let's say I've made it into a qualifying session (normally after three attempts), I'll start a lap and then I see it, "Someone has joined the lobby." This strikes fear into me, because I now know that at some random time, usually mid corner, they will come into the game and it will lag beyond belief. Perhaps I'm unlucky and this doesn't happen to anyone else, but it's need failed to happen, and it makes the lap so unnecessarily harder.

My last little gripe, I'm not a fan of the lights at the start. If you learn how to, and undoubtedly a lot of us have, you can start before the lights turn green an won't be punished, granted it's marginal, but it's an advantage you shouldn't have. I know what this will be greeted with, "don't do it then," but that's just not an option when everyone will come flying past you before you've even pulled off. In my opinion, you should have to wait until the lights have turned green, and perhaps to avoid people learning exactly when they'll change they should have a more random time.

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