PLATFORM: PC - i7 4790/ GTX 970 MSI/ 8GB RAM
CAR/TRACK: Any car with KERS / Any Track.


Today i tried to remap the Kers Button, Initially was on the Y button. I remaped the KERS to the RB Button, When it was in the Y I had to take my finger off the button to change gears, so putting in the RB i could keep pressing and change gears along. With the change, the Y button now change the Cameras.

After this changes, the KERS stopped working, I tried to remaped the buttons as it was before, in the Y button and the KERS still doesn't work, the problem it's not with the button, I tested. ANy other button that i tried to remap to the KERS doesn't work. ANyone having this ? What should i do ?


Original Writen by mickeyknoxx in PC - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 04-07-2015 05:33.