Hey guys, I'm a little drunk right now lol, but I'm going to do my best to explain the problems I'm having right now. I just got a Thrustmaster t300rs, maybe a month ago tops. It probably has 12-14 hours on it. On pCars, I run pretty light ffb settings, because the cheap wheel stand I got for it is pretty rickety, and I haven't gotten to weld it together yet, so I wouldn't think I'd be having ffb fade yet.

I played for maybe 3 hours earlier today, which was my first extended session with this wheel, and had no problems whatsoever, no fade throughout my session, no clipping, excessive heat, nothing. Anyways, I took a break for a couple hours, and when I fired it back up and went to play, the ffb seemed about half-3/4 strength of what it is normally. So, I shut my system down all the way, unplugged the wheel from the wall, plugged it back in, fired the system back up, and it auto calibrated like it normally would. However, when it auto calibrated, it seemed like it was weaker (making a quieter thud to each side), than normal. Thinking this was just my brain messing with me, I launched pCars. The wheel didn't auto-calibrate when I launched the game. I don't remember for sure if it normally does, but I thought I remembered it always recalibrating when I launched the game. Anyways, the centering spring felt weaker than normal in the menus. I recalibrated the wheel in the controls settings, turned the ffb up (from 65 to 80), and went to the track. When I went out on track, the wheel still felt lighter than normal. I returned to the pits, and turned my my master scale and sop scale up from 30 to 38, saved, and went back out on track. I felt absolutely no difference on track. Upon returning to the pits, I went back to the FFB tuning screen, and saw that my settings were reverted back to 30. I tried 3 different times to change them to 38 and save them, but every single time the same thing happened.

So, I shut my ps4 down, plugged my wheel in to my laptop and updated the firmware. Then, plugged the wheel back in to the system and relaunched the game. Same exact problems as described above. Frustrated, I plugged my wheel in to my ps3, and launched GT6 to test it on there. It felt light. Problem is, I've never used this wheel on GT6 before, so I don't really have anything to reflect on. However, when launching the game, the wheel re-calibrated like normal.

Basically, I have no idea if it's pCars, or if it's my wheel that I'm having problems with. Like I said, the auto-calibration seemed less violent (lol) than normal when I first fired up the wheel on my PS4, but I have no clue if that's just my brain tricking me because I'm having problems. This makes me wonder if it's the wheel. The fact that pCars will not save my FFB tuning settings (I have never had this problem before), and that the wheel isn't re-calibrating when I launch the game, makes me think that it could be the game. Is it possible that I'd have any fade after such little time, under such light of a load? Or is the game just randomly, out of nowhere, not doing something right? I don't know if I should contact Thrustmaster, or wait for 2.0? It's just weird that I was playing problem free all morning and now all of a sudden I'm having problems. Any insight please?

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