[SIZE=5]Last night I was racing an invitational on Zolder in a BMW M1 Procar. It was a 8 lap race and by about the 4th lap it starts to rain. I'm riding on the bumper of the 1st place car and we have quite a significant lead on the cars behind us. Coming to the end of the 3rd lap, both of us pit in to change to rain tires. While in the pit waiting on my slow crew to give me the "go" I can hear the other cars passing and not pitting in (some cars pitted in though). By the time I got back on the track I had fallen to 11th place and I held it there without being passed for the remainder of the race. Each time I passed the pit I was expecting to see my placement move up the ranks since some cars didn't pit when I did and would have to pit since the rain started to get stronger. I really don't think I'm experiencing the bug of rain not affecting AI because I was able to stay on the tail of the car in front of me. But after many times I tried, I would always finish in whatever place I exited the pit unless I got passed or made a pass. I even thought that maybe some cars aren't going for a tire change and trying to finish the race on the tire they started with. I tried doing this but by the 7th lap the rain was too strong and car was uncontrollable. So is it my pit strategy? Should I plan my pit stop at a different time or is this a bug? I tried several times of restarting the race after finishing it and the only time my placement moves up is if I make a pass[SIZE]

Original Writen by Linx in General Discussion Category, the date of 03-07-2015 20:52.