Hi,been playing around with settings for the FA car let me know what you think? May be a bit light for some but good fun and you can catch a slide;) ,using these at Silverstone int on dry track with no assists (T300rs F1 rim)


ff 100
steering dz 0.0

Master scale 14
fx scale 100
fy scale 84
fz scale 84
mz scale 110

fx smooth 0.0
fy smooth 0.0
fz smooth 0.0
mz smooth 0.0

arm angle 2000.0

body scale 0,01
body long 0.01
body stiff 100.01
body damp 100.01

sop scale 20.0
sop lat 0.0
sop diff 90.0
sop damp 0.0
sop diff 90

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