Just trying to get an understanding on how this effects the car setup.

I have tuned my own Mclaren GT3 and run a higher rear (+3mm) than front, I have no idea why to be honest so wondering if someone can offer an explanation to it's effects. I aware of better aero over the rear wing but nothing else. I also tried a setup for a Ginetta GT3 (found online) and the rear was 10mm higher, it worked I got on great with it. Also is there a preferred spring rate either soft or hard? Does this also negate weight transfer front to back?

I'm also wondering if there is any occasion where you would run a higher front than rear?

Thanks in advance.

Just found this in a Speedhunters 101 tuning guide


We also have the diffuser that you can affect by different rake angles of the car. But we aren't allowed to do much more than that in FIA GT3.

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